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pressPatterson Dental Company -

November 2008

Relentless Thinking LLC, a Georgia-based licensed general contractor serves the needs of Georgia’s medical community, specializing in state-of-the-art dental facilities.

Relentless Thinking has worked with Patterson Dental Company in Atlanta and Deborah Adams, Equipment Specialist for Patterson Dental, has this to say about working with Relentless Thinking, “Relentless Thinking has consistently provided superior results to our customers. We know the project will be accomplished on time and with precision and accuracy.”

Relentless Thinking’s team of professionals is knowledgeable in every facet of installation and construction of dental facilities. Christopher Weller, CEO and founder of Relentless Thinking believes “There’s no finer team assembled to meet the needs of the dental community. Our philosophy is to offer the best quality construction at a reasonable price, which has served us well, based on the many satisfied customers we have.”

As an adjunct to their main business, Relentless Thinking also fields “G-1”, a hurricane response team dedicated to rebuilding communities hit by these natural disasters. They have proven experience having participated in rebuilding efforts through four major hurricane disasters.

For more information on how Relentless Thinking can assist you with building or rebuilding your dental office, please contact Margaret Weller at 770-530-1423, and please be sure to visit them at www. relentlessthinking.com.





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